As a software engineer, starting with a clean slate in an OS is required often. Usually using containers is the solution to that for development. After some time even your primary OS suffers from bit rot. For Windows, a factory reset gets that back into a clean state. I use A LOT of apps and they can take up to day to install everything but no more! So here is powershell script to get the common apps used on a regular basis.

Install chocolatey from

choco install -y 7zip arduino audacity autohotkey autoruns bleachbit cmder curl cyberduck ditto drawio ffmpeg gimp git gitkraken graphviz grep handbrake hwmonitor ilspy imagemagick inkscape jq keepass microsoft-windows-terminal nano nodejs notepadplusplus powertoys processhacker rainmeter rsync screentogif sharex sharpkeys SQLite sqlitebrowser sysinternals teracopy tortoisegit totalcommander transmission ultradefrag vlc vscode winmerge wireguard wireshark youtube-dl chocolateypackageupdater python dotnet

For all available packages

choco list --localonly

See more at