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My Emails Are Out Of Control

My emails are out of control. In order to take some of it back, i decided to write some python scripts to help out.

Part 2 of Hacking my Sony A6000 Camera

Second part of hacking a Sony A6000 series camera and upgrading data transfer capabilities. This one is about free apps with time lapse, ftp uploader, and building usb-c power adapter for on the go.

Hacking my Sony A6000 Camera Adding Modern Features

Discover how to modernize your Sony A6000 camera by upgrading its data transfer capabilities and post process images for super high resolution. Join the journey of enhancing your camera's features in this comprehensive blog post.

Linux Wifi Hotspot with PiHole

Build a wifi hotspot using hostapd via create_ap project and pihole.

Effective Onboarding for New Engineers

Learn an effective onboarding strategy for new engineers on a project. Streamline the transition and boost productivity with our structured approach.

Parametric Belt Driven 3D Printed Spur Gear for Electric Skateboards

Update on using a parametric 3D printed gear for my DIY electric skateboard after 100+ hours of riding.

Top 5 Nuget Packages

Top nuget packages in dotnet including fluent validation, counting lines, dependency injection, retry logic, and testing/mocking libraries.

Automate Cleaning of Air Conditioner Condensate Drain Line

Flash a smart wifi dual water pump to automate cleaning the air conditioner line. A common home maintenance task that is easily forgotten to do each month.

Common Apps for Devs over Chocolatey

Automate software install for a software engineer on Windows

Local First, Cloud Assisted ☁ MultiSensor

Guide for flashing a temperature and humidity multisensor with Tasmota for local network first setup.

A simple water sprinkler system, for makers!

Setup a water sprinkler using open source hardware/software to trigger based on special conditions like time (including sunrise/sunset), humidity, and perhaps temperature.

Duplicator i3 3d printer upgrade

Upgrades for to Duplicator i3 and replacing with a MKS Gen 1.4 Board.

Power Switch Monitor with an Arduino device

Automate smart devices using an existing light switch and power switch monitor with an Arduino compatible device with wifi.

Save JSON Objects to AWS S3 with Google Recaptcha

Save JSON objects to AWS S3 using Google Recaptcha in a AWS Lambda function.

Research on Bluetooth Proximity

Research on bluetooth proximity using open tools such as hcitool, l2ping, and hcidump

Software Engineering Lessons

In the field notes and lessons learned as a software engineer.

Yet Another Garage Door Opener

Just another garage door opener using a raspberry pi

ASP.NET XSS protection

Securing an ASP.NET WebApi for PCI application tests is no trivial matter.  It can take weeks of planning and the app to be analyzed.  After reviewing OWASP and other related XSS sites, the web.config was the first to be updated to prevent against attacks (MIIM & XSS).

Raspberry Pi Bluetooth Proximity Detector - A Simple Guide

Build a Bluetooth proximity detector using Raspberry Pi. Tutorial shows how to detect nearby Bluetooth devices without pairing.

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